Powersteppers have built a reputation for the biggest, bounciest live Dub show on Earth. Colin Powerstepper and Molara were the creative force behind Zion train for 15 years and carry on making positive, uplifting, heavyweight Dub. The new Powersteppers album ‘This Is Dub’ is set for release later in the year and there are a string of summer shows to support it, including Glastonbury, EnDorset and The Boomtown Festival.

The Powersteppers began life as an offshoot of UK Dub Pioneers Zion Train. Created by Cod, Tench and Perch, (the three principle members of Zion Train), as an outlet for the more manic, Sound System Dubs that they created. Originally the The Powersteppers released two albums, ‘Bass Enforcement’ and ‘Bass Re-enforcement’ and several singles, as well as appearing on multiple compilations. As with all the music produced by Zion Train between 1992-2006 the early Powersteppers music was written by Colin Cod, now Powerstepper.

Since his departure from Zion Train in 2006 Colin Powerstepper has been working with Molara, playing live shows across Europe and releasing a 10” single on Dub Flash. The third member of the live crew is DJ Cut La Vis, scratch turntablist and member of the legendary UK Dub band Dub Merge.