Elvis Jackson are an altogether special rock group that has developed its own musical expression over a decade through the help of ska, punk, hard core, reggae and metal influences (Bad Brains, Slayer, Sublime, RKL among others). From a band was formed at the end of 1997 and had the first practices two days prior to their first concert, it has evolved into a tight unit of music veterans, famous for their live concerts and positive energy. Spanning a decade of hard work and having already toured across Europe, David Kovšca – Buda (vocals), Boštjan Beltram – Berto (guitar), Erik Makuc – Slavc (bass guitar) and Marko Soršak – Soki (drums) are determined to make an important step forward with their latest album “Against the Gravity”.

With three successful releases including “Move You feet it’s one O’clock” (Rock’n’Roll Rec, 1999), “Go Home and Practice” (Rock’n’Roll Rec, 2000) and “Summer Edition” (EJ Rec/ Multimedia, 2003), band today is more potent and focused than ever.
While their first two albums were restricted to Slovenia and the ex-YU territories, Elvis Jackson released their album “Summer Edition” through German label Grover Records, and with their help the band expanded their presence in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in Netherlands. In cooperation with Rude Rec. from Italy they introduced their album in Italy, Spain and even Japan. During this time, the band played extensively in clubs, halls all over Europe– they drove thousands of kilometres over Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Bolgaria, Romania, Hungary, France, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Overall, they played about over 700 shows, solidifying their position as on of the premier acts in their native Slovenia, but extending their beyond borders of their home country. It should, of course, also be mentioned that they concerted together with renowned names, such as FAITH NO MORE, Fishbone, Toasters, Looking Up, Burning Heads, Murphy’s Law, Vice Squad, Subhumans, Edna’s Goldfish, The Offspring, Asian Dub Foundation, Vandals, D.O.A., Goldfinger, Citizen Fish, Propagandhi, Ska P and No Fx.


Songs for their new 14 song release “Against the Gravity” were recorded over the summer of 2008 in cooperation with producer Bill Gould ( prod credit: Faith No More, Brujeria, Beatsteaks, Kultur Shock) at the seminal RSL Studios in Slovenia. They chose Radio Star Studios in USA for mixing of the album, Rich Veltrop (Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine, Slayer, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ozzy with South Park, Spinal Tap, David Coverdale, 311, Buddy Guy, L.A. Guns and Toto), on helm as mixing engineer, and well known mastering engineer John Cuniberti (Aerosmith, Davea Matthews, The Grateful Dead, Tracy Chapman, Dead Kennedys, Joe Satirani) for the final touches.

This time, the group presented itself as a mature and technically extremely accomplished team. Their songs are multilayered, energetic and dynamically playful and yet also sophistically more melodic, as the album with the working title “Against The Gravity” offers power, variety, and drive; thought, a few tracks could actually lend themselves to commercial radio. The lyrics are often socially critical or represent only reflections and feelings stemming from life that surrounds us all.
Elvis Jackson are a professionally organized group with a team of technicians and roadies, while their partners Kurz Rock Vibe presently handling management and booking responsibilities. They are regarded local heroes, can be heard often on commercial radio, holding major concert events and winning many critical awards.

Many critics characterized Elvis Jackson as the most hidden treasure from the so called Eastern Europe, and as a group that will win you over in an instant with their directness, energy, technical accomplishment and natural charisma.

CD releases:
Against The Gravity (EJ Rec), Slovenia, 2009
Against The Gravity (Anstreet Rec), Germany – 20.11.2009 WORLDWIDE RELEASE!!
Summer Edition (Rude Rec), Italy, Japan, Spain, France, 2005
Summer Edition (Elmo/Grover Rec), G-A-S, 2004
Summer Edition (EJ Rec/ Multimedia Slovenia), SLO 2003
Go Home And Practice (Rock’n’Roll Rec), SLO, 2000
Move Your Feet It’s One O’clock (Rock’n’Roll Rec), SLO, 1999, 2001