LAS BALKANIERAS are 3 young ladies, motivated and talented in any musical, as well as in cooking sense. They love to cook, exchange recipes as well as to play, with the real delicacy while being on stage, dancing, singing, jumping, entertaining the audience in their “mediterranean-balkan-way”, adding some parody and a dose of black humor. Versions of their songs can be heard on 4 different languages: german, english, croatian-dalmatian-bosnian, and even russian. What means that Balkanieras feel comfortable in the mediterranean-bosnian area, as well as anywhere else. Their moto is: “everything can be globalized, everything is import-export based”. Feeling like at home anywhere, as they are “global import-export musicians”…


Their music is one big Turbo-Trash-Electro-Folk-Pop mixture, spiced with reggae, ska and nice melodies, accepting all kinds of modern electronic grooves too. They were working hard on their first full-length album, preparing it by best recipes and with a lot of juicy spices as the most tasty meal, what recently resulted with signing it for Croatia Rec., that will soon be served on a ceremonial plate for their domestic area, as well for the rest of Europe. The first single/video “Moje plave oči/My Blue Eyes” is on the air, and the campaign has started.

Producer of their “crazy” beats and selector on the shows is Pionear – „Europe’s most profilic Dancehall producer“ (Germaica Digital). As it stands in his artistic name, pioneer of the german reggae scene. Founder of the first german dancehall/reggae label in the beginning of ’90s, working since with the most important worldwide reggae names.