Old frends and guests we always like to have arrive as a combined unit on this occasion , to present “Empire Soldiers” album, within the same named tour. As a result of this collaboration, the Seasplash audience is about to enjoy the best of French and English dub production at once.

Both Brain Damage and Vibronics are the true veterans of the international dub scene. With a strong background of countless LPs, collaborations and live sessions all around the world to their credit, a couple of times also at Seasplash festival, we could think that both entities have little left to prove. Yet, they both have much in common, particularly a certain ever-growing and untiring creativity, but also an undeniable sense of challenge, concept and constant questioning. The result of their united effort is an epic LP entitled “Empire Soldiers” and an extensive tour, one station being the 12th Seasplash Festival in Croatia.

Hyperactive since 1999, Brain Damage built a strong reputation of « enfant terrible » of the international dub scene, brilliantly cultivating a certain dichotomy between cerebral studio sessions and explosive live performances. Always rising where we do not expect, developing the art of challenge, what used to be a duet since its 12 first years, never ceases to amaze with his choices and atypical thrusts, resulting in five opuses on Hammerbass and Jarring Effects labels. Those albums, often conceptual, are reputed to blow the very boundaries of the style, where it was a bit hastily catalogued. While growing amidst the talented French dub scene, Brain Damage yet regularly dared to unweave from it, forging strong links with numerous foreign artists such as Zion Train, Alpha & Omega, Vibronics, Mohammed El Amraoui, Vuneny or even Black Sifichi, playing with cultures and languages, like with an instrument crazy dissonances. After the bassist left in 2011, Martin Nathan goes on solo, prompts the project into new directions, and can already take credit for a collaboration with High Tone (“High Damage” – 2011-2012), as well as for his highly acclaimed new LP “What you gonna do?” (Jarring Effects, October 2012), shaped like a return to the roots of UK-Jamaican dub style, that the duo long
left by the wayside. Furthermore, he goes on playing his mixes live all over Europe, and way beyond, always with that near trance-like energy for dear life.

Vibronics « the future sound of dub » has been at the forefront of the UK Roots and Dub explosion since 1995, demonstrated by the 40+ releases on his own legendary Scoops label as well as a host of albums, singles and remixes for myriad labels, including Universal Egg, Jarring Effects, Soundsaround, Dubhead and Jah Tubbys. Since early days Vibronics have maintained strong links with Roots Sound Systems (Aba-Shanti-I , Iration Steppas, Jah Shaka…). Whether it’s dub mixing live on stage, rocking the clubs or uplifting festivals, Vibronics continue to perform tirelessly across Europe, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. Hehas never stopped to look back and have built a huge reputation for kicking up a musical storm with their amazing live shows that feature, among others, the vocal talents of Parvez aka The Dub Factory and Madu Messenger. 2008 saw the release of the Vibronics «UK Dub Story» album (feat. MC Macka.B, Jah Marnyah & Echo Ranks), and the band played cuts from this album at club and festival shows throughout Europe (Glastonbury, Ostroda Reggae, Dour, and Outlook Festival). In 2010 Vibronics launched assault on the new decade with 12 new singles on the Scoops label, one released each month over the whole year Two years later arrived the release of the Vibronics‘ «French Connection» album, on Hammerbass records. Indeed, never one to stay still for too long, Vibronics came roaring out of the studio with 12 brand new remix collaborations featuring the cream of French dub artists: High Tone, Zenzile, Brain Damage, Weeding Dub, Black Board Jungle, OBF and Kanka, to name just a frew of the artists to be re-worked in this international Dub project.
Vibronics’ studio work leads the way in contemporary dub productions; fascinated by the studio trickery of Scientist and King Tubby, Steve is never scared of experimenting with dub. He thrives on collaborations across genres and looks to Hip Hop, RnB and Electronica for influence whilst remaining true to the legacy of roots Music. Vibronics can definitely be regarded as one of the greatest spearheads of the world reggae dub scene.


Empire Soldiers album
Brain Damage & Vibronics unleash a fiery dubwise journey into the lesser known volumes of history. When two of Europe’s most notorious dub producers and an international cast of singers meet up to discus the start of the Great War 100 years ago, you know the results are going to be big. „Empire Soldiers“ is the often overlooked story of the colonial troops in World War One, a heavyweight musical collaboration with an emotive set of lyrical tales from Africa, Asia and The Caribbean told by Madu Messenger, Parvez, Sir Jean and Mohammed El Amraoui. This original creation will be turned into a album [ cd & LP / Jarring Effects / oct 2013 ], a set of 3 Sound System exclusive 10″ mixes, and a live tour featuring Parvez & Madu Messenger.