DIMENSIONS of (E)MOTION – Daniel Kiršić

For over a decade, Dimensions and Outlook festivals have been bringing fans to the old, abandoned forts of Pula, transforming them into energetic plays of music, rhythm and motion. The Outlook Festival, held for the first time in 2008, brought together 800 of the most loyal fans, within 3 year that number rose to more than 11,000, and within 5 years the festival’s grand opening ceremony was held in the historic Pula amphitheater. Every year since the beginning Outlook has been held in the recognizable location of Fort Punta Christo, and has since become one of the best bass music and soundsystem culture festivals in Europe.

Founded in 2012, the Dimensions Festival has won worldwide popularity in a wide range of music genres with its eclectic selection of performers. From jazz to techno, this leader of the electronic music festivals is returning for the seventh time to the unique fortress of Punta Christo.

I’ve been following the Dimensions and Outlook festivals since the early years as I’ve always been attracted to their amazing atmosphere and the positive energy that is felt between musicians and the audience. Having a chance to observe and document thousands of people enjoying the same rhythms of music and paying tribute to artists is a great pleasure. At every stage of the festival, there is a sense of community, relaxed atmosphere and positive energy.

For this exhibition I have chosen photographs in order to showcase some of the finest moments of the Dimensions and Outlook festival in the last decade, as seen through my lens. Before my eyes (and camera), new sounds are revealed, memories are created, friendships are made. Whether on a sunny beach with the silent jazz sounds or during an energetic party at Zerro Strasse, thousands of music lovers unconsciously become part of a collective consciousness whether they speak different languages or come from different parts of the world, in the moments of musical ecstasy, together they create the perfect harmony of sound and movement. Although the power of the rhythm may lie in the sheer large numbers of the audience, I particularly like to capture the experiences of individuals within the mass, their moments of freedom and emotions that come out to the surface inspired by the rhythm from the stage.