Austrian Bass Scene at 15th Seasplash Festival

Austrian Bass Scene will present itself for the 2nd time in a row during this years festival. This time arriving with even bigger number of acts, that will deliver wide range of styles coming out of bass music and sound system culture.

This networking has been intensified with series of promotional events that will announce 15th Seasplash Festival in different cities of Osterreich: Wienna, Linz, Klagenfurt, Salzburg, etc.

Artists preforming at festival:

Dubbing Sun (Dubbing Sun Records/Lion Charge Records)
Kinetical MC x DJ Diaz
Raptix (Sub Audio Records)
Gnischrew (Sub Audio Records)
Nobody b2b Damask (Basstrace/Sub Movement)
Thizzla (One.Culture.Kollektiv)
Deeds (Sub Movement)
Isonoe (LOG Soundssystem/Basstrace)
Lion’s Hifi
Selectress Beatroot (Stereofreezed/RAWting!)
DCone (Stereofreezed/RAWting!)

Current confirmed artists:

Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band, Mad Professor, Citizen Fish, Pitch Black, Culture Shock, Waitapu, Black Star Dub Collective, Conscious Youth, Black Star Dub Collective, Mungo’s Hi-Fi DJ Set, Illbilly Hitec, Paprika Korps, Fakofbolan, Autonomads, Warrior Charge, Digitron Sound, Rockers Dub Master, Dubble, Dubbing Sun, Kinetical MC x DJ Diaz, Raptix, Gnischrew, Nobody b2b Damask, Thizzla, Deeds, Isonoe, Lion’s Hifi, Selectress Beatroot, DCone

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