New artists and concept of the 15th Seasplash Festival revealed

During its 15th edition, Seasplash festival will celebrate 40th anniversary of Bob Marley’s and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s single ‘Punky-Reggae Party’. This anthological tune, released in 1977, was a result of reggae and punk rock subcultures getting together to protest against rising right wing in UK, through Rock Against Racism festival.

Besides celebrating the festival jubilee with spreading positive vibes, Seasplash spices things up with social awareness, warning on still actual agenda in European and global environment, calling for common sense and tolerance, instead of false authorities and the power of oppression.

Roll the tune while getting introduced to the newly announced artists of this years festival:


Mad Professor

Legendary UK dub / reggae producer and innovator, Neil Fraser aka Mad Professor, arrives on his first Seasplash festival performance. Started Ariwa Studios at early 80’s, with series of Dub Me Crazy albums, having more than 200 albums released until these days. Constantly playing shows and festivals, his career got enriched through various cooperations with popular acts (Depeche Mode, Jamiroquai, Beastie Boys, etc.), including remix of the Massive Attack’s ‘Protection: No Protection’.

Mungo’s Hi-Fi (DJ Set)

Currently one of the most popular sound systems, collective that gathers six members, DJs and producers. Started Scotch Bonnet label in 2005, as well as Scrub A Dub sublabel. Besides popularity they’re having, and the quality they deliver, their first Seasplash appearance makes us happy because of at least another two reasons: their career got launched into orbits with hosting Mungos stage at Outlook festival after it arrived to Fort Punta Christo, and due to their label signing Egoless, musically extra skilled producer from the local scene.

Illbilly Hitec

A Berlin based collective, that is out to put the rootsy vibe back into modern productions, blending influences of dub, cumbia, bass music, hip-hop and jungle into a very own style of reggae. When performing live, they team up with MC-s and guest musicians, to fuse the raw energy of a traditional band performance, with the flow, excitement and hype of a DJ set. Playing Seasplash for the first time, presenting new album ‘One Thing Leads To Another‘, backed by MC Kinetical from Austria.

Paprika Korps

Paprika Korps is a heavy reggae band from Silesia and among the hardest touring Polish bands. Their music has been described as a combination of reggae, dub and punk rock. Brave heavy-rockers from Poland recently released album ‘Homemade Babylon‘ and are coming back to Seasplash after five years. This is going to be their 25th show in Croatia since their inception in April 1996. Their touring list over the last three years includes over 200 performances in 20 European countries. This heavy touring schedule has earned the band the nickname The Heavy Reggae Travellers.


Pula’s finest punk rock has been often compared with The Clash or Rancid, that were significantly influenced by the caribbean grooves, mostly with ska music. It’s our great honour to announce the special set FOB prepares for this show, compiled with most appropriate tunes from their discography. Listen to the remake of Kud Idijoti’s classic, Kad sunce opet zađe, feat. Chakka of Kali Fat Dub on vocals.


Came out of the Manchester squat scene in 2007, inspired by dub-anarcho-punk and free party culture. They have played over 500 gigs in 18 different countries, having two full lengths, and one split album with Black Star Dub Collective. Playing Seasplash for the first time.

Digitron Sound

Digitron Sound System – Balkan dub defenders, began in 2007, founded by two Radikal Dub Kolektiv and Bamwise members. Their sound is closest to the UK sound of digital dub, influenced by different musical directions, from electronic music to more organic. Actual releases include ‘Dub Swap!‘ with Brainless Sound (ODGPROD), ‘Hail Up!’ 7″ with Dan I (Digtron Records/Lion’s Den), and 12” remix of ViolinBwoy feat. Echo Ranks (Lion’s Den).

Warrior Charge

Soundsystem known for its bright red colour. Grown in 2006 in Udine, with roots in the DIY underground scene, running an effort to spread positive messages, through collaborations with other soundsystems, musicians and people on a mission to create a better world. Shared stages with many legends (Jah Shaka, Zion Train, Aba Shanti, The Disciples, Weeding Dub, etc.), performing at numerous festivals (Zion Station, Festintenda, Heartical Vibes, Dub Gate, etc.).


This powerful dub, live act duo, was started by Vanja aka Vanya O and Jadranko aka Dubolik, after RDK split. Nowadays working from different addresses (Leicester/UK, Zagreb), playing regular shows, and releasing their works through Dub Tunnel label. Last release ‘Sign Of The Times’ featuring legendary reggae vocalist Earl 16.

Rockers Dub Master

Collective based in Trieste, got recognisable on regional and European dub scene, after building up their sound system, and delivering regular dances. Such dedication allowed us to witness different cooperations with many known acts (O.B.F, Vibronics, Channel One, etc.), including residency with Dub area at Overjam festival in Slovenia. After visiting Seasplash through series of years, they finally join the line-up for the first time.

Current confirmed artists:

Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band, Mad Professor, Citizen Fish, Pitch Black, Culture Shock, Waitapu, Black Star Dub Collective, Conscious Youth, Black Star Dub Collective, Mungo’s Hi-Fi DJ Set, Illbilly Hitec, Paprika Korps, Fakofbolan, Autonomads, Warrior Charge, Digitron Sound, Rockers Dub Master, Dubble, Dubbing Sun, Kinetical MC x DJ Diaz, Raptix, Gnischrew, Nobody b2b Damask, Thizzla, Deeds, Isonoe, Lion’s Hifi, Selectress Beatroot, DCone


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