Austrian Bass Music – ABM 2019

Our friends, the Austrian Bass Music Project started in 2016 with the aim of making a free and easy cultural transmission, artistic creation and cultural production through spreading good vibrations beyond national borders in the framing of the Seasplash Festival.

This collaboration project between Croatian and Austrian musicians has developed a scheme of Pre-Parties for the Festival, hosting performances of ABM Artists with the goal of reinforcing the respective domestic scenes and increasing the mutual connection between Seasplash and ABM.

Furthermore the Austrian Bass Music Project follows an unbureaucratic approach and acts with a focus in increasing low threshold networking between the Croatian and Austrian uncommercialized and underground digital music scenes.

Therefore the Seasplash Festival federated with one of Austria’s well-known force in cultural production, sound system activism and cultural project management Mag. Mathias Weiss a.k.a. DJ Diaz. As a freelance cultural manager and sociologist he develops projects jointly with public institutions, gives lectures at universities and is engaged in the field of the promotion and education of culture, performative- and multimedia arts.

Due to DJ Diaz’ expertise and the great and constant willingness of our festival to spread positive frequencies and progressively develop a cultural field that is unfortunately undersupplied and often disregarded by funding institutions, the Austrian Bass Music Project  is able to act strongly within the scope of merging scenes, building synergies and gaining new fields of cultural intersections in the European mindset. #unity

This Year’s Artists:
Moby Stick
Stereofreezed Dub Delegation
Danubian Dub Soundsystem

Artists included till now:
Beda Ranks
Darkwing Dub
DCone a.k.a. King Cone
DJ Diaz
DJ Odd
Dubbing Sun
Jah Cobe
Kinetical MC
Natty Loop
Nobody (Basstrace)
The Paranox
Vienna Rootikal Posse