Dub pioneers Zion Train are leading the second wave of the Seasplash Festival names

Seasplash 2020 - Second Line-Up Announcement

Seasplash Festival celebrates coming of age this summer at Martinska in Šibenik from July 16 to July 19. We have just released the second wave of artists with 15 names for our 18th edition.

Zion Train, UK dub pioneers, old acquaintances, friends, and family with whom the collaboration has been around from the beginning, return to the Seasplash Festival after seven years since their last appearance, with their new studio album Illuminate, that is coming out on 1st of May. This release represents the first original Zion Train album in five years and features nine vocalists alongside extremely talented musicians. Vocalists include Cara, Michela Grena, Prince Jamo, and Rider Shafique whilst amongst the musicians are such luminaries as Paolo Baldini, Don Fe, and Gianni Denitto. Zion Train are working alongside the Stop Ecocide and Extinction Rebellion campaigns with the release of this music to help attempts to build a brighter future for our planet – to this end we are reprinting the Leap Manifesto authored by Naomi Klein and friends with this release.

Zion Train

Billain, one of the most standout drum and bass producers to come to prominence in recent times, will perform at the Seasplash Festival for the first time. Billain is a master of auditory innovation and has rightfully earned himself a reputation as a well-respected influence on the genre. Billain has received support from some of the biggest names in drum and bass claiming releases on Critical Music, Invisible, Eatbrain, and Bad Taste to name only a handful.


Zagreb’s dub reggae duo, Anja G & Dr.Obi, who recently released Giudance release for AmpliFyah Music, return for their well-deserved fourth appearance at Seasplash. The colors of the fiercer drum and bass will be defended by DJs and producers Tekitoka and Kodin, who often perform in and outside Croatia, and they had a noticed performance at the biggest drum and bass festival Let It Roll.

With the second wave of artists, Seasplash presents the local talents who create within the specter of bass music. They are Munchies Sound, Homegrown Sound, Sandokan Hi-Fi, Dubar Sound, R.A.S. (Rasta Altitude Sound), LucyLyu, Algoriddim, Grumen, Flico and Lowre Glant.