Fort Punta Christo, Štinjan, Pula, Croatia

Seasplash festival is taking place at Fort Punta Christo near Štinjan, fortress surrounded with beautiful beaches and pine forests, located between the Bay of Pula and Brijuni National Park.

Fort Punta Christo, Štinjan, Pula, Croatia

The fortress is situated on the Punta Christo peninsula, at 45 meters altitude. Total area of the Fort includes over ten thousand square meters, and it’s separated by a deep trench over which three bridges lead to three different entrances. There are three courtyards inside the Fort from where it’s possible to get into the underground rooms of this fascinating building.

Fort Punta Christo, the largest and the strongest coastal fortress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was built in the mid 19th century in order to defend the west sea approach and the southern entrance to the Fažana canal. During the Second World War, the fortress was damaged by bombing and was abandoned. In the early 2000s a group of enthusiasts from the Punta Christo and Seasplash Association realized the potential of an abandoned fortress and began to clean it up. It took many years and persistence to achieve a vision of an attractive cultural centre which offers different types of cultural programs.

Fort Punta Christo was the location of the first two Seasplash festivals, as well as the 10th jubilee edition. It is also known as home of Seasplash Summer Club, multifunctional indoor and outdoor club space open from late May to late September, which offers a unique experience for visitors. Seasplash summer club program covers a range of activities carried out through various cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, festivals, programs for children and young people, new media projects, different types of creative workshops, lectures, etc.). In addition to artistic and music performances (which are most frequent) visitors can enjoy various stands (mainly on festivals that are taking place within the program of Seasplash Summer Club) with different products (decorations, clothes, juggling props, music and video materials of mostly independent productions, etc.).

Nowadays Fort Punta Christo has become well known all over Europe and world for hosting Outlook Festival, Europe’s largest festival of bass music and sound system culture. Furthermore, this venue is famous for hosting other festivals like Dimensions festival, Slurp!, Future Nature festival etc. whose visitors are from all over the world (UK, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, etc.).

Therefore, Fort Punta Christo (near Pula) is definitely must-see destination which offers entertainment, quality vacation, numerous cultural events, beautiful nature and landscapes, and the opportunity for meeting interesting people.

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Pula has its own Airport with cheap flights available, so Seasplash Festival is easy to reach. You may also consider flying to nearby airports in Rijeka, Zagreb, Zadar (Croatia), Trieste, Venice (Italy) or Ljubljana (Slovenia). As for other transports there are many train, boat & bus connections.

If you don’t have your own vehicle, have in mind that there are all kinds of public transportation to Pula already existing (trains, buses, boats, airplanes), what depends on the directions you’re coming from.

Arriving by:


When approaching city of Pula take Highway exit Vodnjan Jug . . In the area of Veli Vrh turn right on the crossroad (there is an INA gas station on the left), and than follow Punta Christo Fortress road sign.

There are regular bus lines to the main station in Pula from all main cities in region (Trieste, Beograd, Ljubljana, Dubrovnik, Split, Rijeka, Zagreb,…etc.). To reach the Festival from the main bus station, take a local bus to Giardini – Puntizela – Štinjan.

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It’s rather complicated but possible! From city Rijeka take the bus to Lupoglav and there will be train for Pula waiting. To reach the Festival you can go to the main bus station and take a bus to Giardini – Puntizela – Štinjan.

Regular flights from all over Europe to Pula airport; see for flight schedules. To reach city of Pula from airport by bus or taxi see airport bus schedules & taxi. To reach the Festival from Pula you can go to the main bus station and take a bus to Giardini – Puntizela – Štinjan.. You can also choose other airports in the region (Croatia: Rijeka, Zagreb, Italy: Trieste, Venice, Slovenia: Ljubljana)

Regular catamaran line from Zadar to Pula, see catamaran timetable. To reach the Festival from Pula you can go to the main bus station and take a bus to Giardini – Puntizela – Štinjan.

During the festival, from Wednesday to Sunday, taxi-van will drive on the route Pula – Štinjan.