Festival Rules

At the entrance, security will take a part of your ticket and put the security pass around your wrist, which are available in different colours, what depends on your decision how many days you stay on the festival. Any damage or loss of the security wristlet guarantee that you have to leave the festival place, it cannot be changed for the new one, unless you buy the new ticket Expect security check every day, when all the people who have unvalid passes will have to leave the festival area.
Because of possible physical injuries, it is forbidden to enter the area with, for example, following materials: knives, sticks, pyrotechnics, fire weapons, glass objects, etc. There will be organized and noticeable security who will take care for order at the festival, and people who work for the security have free hands to not let you in or to throw you out if they see you make some kind of trouble. By the way, all the people enter the festival at their own responsibility.
During the festival, the camping is free for the people who bought the tickets. It is possible until there is enough free space, what means that the capacities are limited. There will be enough chemical toilets, and some showers available. While camping, you are obligated to follow the instructions by the organisers and security. All guests have to pay local taxes and 20 kunas for garbage deposit. Deposit will be refunded to those who clean up their camping space and take their garbage bag to a proper place.
We are really very sorry, but due to many reasons and bad experiences in the past, we generally don’t allow you to bring your pets on the festival location. It’s eventually possible if you have your pet constantly tied on the rope, what we think is even worse than to leave it at home or with some friends to take care of it for those few days. Thanx for understanding.
The festival is taking place in a natural environment, and people who organise will extremely take care of it, so we politelly ask you to take care of the trash you make, to not throw it all around and to not leave it behind you, but to take it to the places which will serve for that purpose. Fire is not allowed and is strictly forbidden!!!!!!!!
By law, minors can attend Seasplash festival only if accompanied by adult.