Audio Workshop – SoundSystem Edition

This year audio workshop will be held in a new light, light of a soundsystem culture. What are soundsystems? How did soundsystems evolve through history and how they differ from professional PA systems? What are advantages and disadvantages of a soundsystem? What is a signal flow, how to follow it and set up all the parameters on its way?  To find all that answers and much more, join 14th Seasplash Audio Workshop in an interesting lecture tour through festival mighty soundsystems. Workshop lecturer is Robert Martinović (Bamwise, Digitron Sound).

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You can apply by filling out this APPLICATION FORM no later than 10th July 2016.

radikalbam - tonska

Video Production Workshop

Video production workshop is organized by educational platform VisuaLab/EduSplash for the second year. The workshop will be conducted by David Tešić, graduate television producer and longtime documentarist of Seasplash Festival. The workshop will be held in two phases from 21st till 27th July 2016, and the initial meeting with participants will be held on 20th July 2016 (Wednesday)/ 8 p.m. at Fort Punta Christo in Štinjan.

The first phase of the workshop will be held during the festival (from 21st till 24th July) in which the participants will have the opportunity to learn about the theoretical basis of video recording, how they can be applied in practice and finally they will be able to record video materials on the festival for making of their own videos. The second phase of the workshop will include editing of recorded materials during the festival and will be held from 25th till 27th July 2016. In this phase participants will have the opportunity to learn about editing using Adobe Premiere software.

The workshop is open to all visitors of the festival, and the only requirement for participation is owning your own recording equipment (video camera, digital camera, cell phone / smartphone, etc.). You can apply by filling out this APPLICATION FORM form no later than 10th July 2016.

Video radionica


DJ Workshop by “Venom in the Plum Yard” on 14. Seasplash Festival

Seasplash Festival and DJ Workshop invite you to join the world of turntables and records. Workshop gives you a chance to learn how to beatmatch and mash up two tracks (Justin Bieber vs Ricky Martin), about scratch techniques and beat-juggling. We’ll talk about software dj-ing, equipment, sound carriers (vinyl, cd, hd, tape) and everything related to djing.

Your workshop Guru is the self-proclaimed “King of Paprikash”, turntablist and club DJ  “Venom in the Plum Yard”. Two time DMC world finalist and five times national champ. Under the spiritual guidance of Pozitivan ritam, DJ Workshop is held in Zagreb for ten years and will continue to operate in “Pločnik”, new music and multimedia place of Pozitivan ritam team.

Apply on e-mail:;  0955625868



Audio, video and DJ workshops are implemented through project  VisuaLab/EduSplash


Dub Yoga

Take a deep breath and relax on Seasplash festival! Dub Yoga workshop consists of physical exercises, postures or asana, relaxation, breathing exercises, concentration and meditation. The part of exercises will include practice in pairs and acrobatic yoga (acro­yoga). Acro­Yoga is a fun way to practise yoga in pairs. One person presents “the base” and the other one “flies” alone or with the help from other person. Prior experience is not needed, only a little good will.

For the festival visitors who want to practise yoga with us is reccommended to bring a mat for exercises. The beach mat will be fine as well. The workshop is free of charge for all festival visitors.

Planned workshop schedule: from 6.30 till 8.30 p.m. More info: