Urban Penetration


Sunday, 18th December (Concert starts at 7pm)
Tito’s Park Pula

Urban Penetration is a special event when Seasplash association penetrates in the buildings and venues that are located in Pula and haven’t hosted any events before. That’s the only way these venues get cultural and entertainment purpose and function. This year’s Urban Penetration is conceived as a concert of two bands, famous The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble from US and Shugo’s Foosy from Pula.

The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble (NYSJE) is an internationally renowned recording and touring group. Since the bands inception in 1994, they have released ten CDs and they have performed regularly throughout Europe, Canada, USA, and South America. They were playing before in bands such as Toasters, Skatalites, Scofflaw, etc. They play a combination of dancehall, reggae, rock-steady and jazz. They are recognised by their energetic and high quality performances. You shouldn’t miss their show on the 10th Seasplash platform.
–> www.newyorkskajazzensemble.com

Shugo’s Foosy is a band founded in Pula in 2011 and consists of Alen Spada (guitar), Leon Brenko (keyboards), Boris Boskovic (bass) and Dusan Kranjc (drums). Four musicians coming from the same town, with different backgrounds, sharing same interests in jazz, pop, rock and traditional music, started working together on some original music quite spontaneously. The chemistry that was present since the beginning resulted with the authentic sound that can be described as groovy, melodic and comprehensible to fans of any music genre. Even though their style of is set as jazz/ethno/fusion, these musicians are open to various influences and combinations of styles in order to express their emotions. Their first album was released in 2014 called Grains of Sand.
–> www.shugos-foosy.com