Here is some info about Jahtari Riddim Force and their work:

Mikey Murka, Legendary Unity soundsystem veteran is well and truly Back on the Scene Again. Last year he had a hit tune on Mungo’s Mary Jane Riddim and an album from Reality Shock as well as other projects. His Jahtari E.P. however, is his finest work to date and returns to his Ride pon the Riddim style. Everyone of these tune are killers, no fillers! 2008 is going to be a big year for Mikey and these 10″s are prime example of this mans talent as one of the UK’s finest Singjays.

This man is creating quite a storm throughout the reggae and dubstep world, a purveyor of the 8-Bit sound backed by modern computer muscle, Disrupts album Foundation Bit sold out in a day and required immediate repress, packed with nuff original productions in his unique style as well is his takes on classic riddims such as Tempo and Peenie Peenie (Fade Away). He is described by Thom Yorke as the act to check alongside Burial for something unique in dubstep and he is also championed by Mary Anne Hobbs. Next level dub biziness!

His cuts Empress and Brand New Second Hand are modern classics and have the perfect blend of quality reggae music and Disrupts unmistakable blip-beep sound. Both tracks have an upbeat offbeat swing with a sound that interweaves around Mikey’s vocal with his plethora of sound The lead synth on the Second Hand dub is also testament to his playing ability and instantly conjures up the same images of cowboys and the Wild West felt in 80’s Jamaica along with a heavy dub sound. These are destined to be on heavy rotation not only on soundsytems but also by any purveyor of good quality music. Big tings a gwaan fi Disrupt 2008, there’s no doubt about it, stay tuned! Modern day dub master!!

The other half of Jahtari steps up for the second 10″ with a blisteringly authentic digital sound again, based around a laptop setup. Rootah’s production sounds like a cross between Basic Channel and the most delightfully obscure 80’s dancehall. Rootah has been DJing since the early 90’s and in this time has been perfecting his production with the nicest blend of computah programming and rough overheated analog tubes and delay units.

Get it already and She’s Gone have a slightly darker more melancholy sound like Waterhouse has just turned Firehouse. This makes the two 10″ perfectly match in a ying yang sort of way. Rootah’s productions have such a detailed heavy sound they will both destroy a soundsystem and demand a detailed Hi Fi listen. The She’s Gone Dub provides a whole new drum pattern which gives the track a completely different flavor completing the pack.

Jahtari Label
Incase you didn’t know Jahtari is one of the best net labels around and has been a beacon of light in the greedy music industry freely sharing top quality releases with the masses in the aim to spread good quality music. The site www.jatari.org receives an insane amount of hits and downloads and is not only home to some of the freshest music around (free or not) it hosts a library of information on, reggae, digital synthesis and computers. To top it all off Jahtari are about to start dropping wax (!!) to the cheer of their worldwide fan base. Look out for a storming line up of releases coming to record shops very soon.