RCola (Can)


RCola lives in Montreal, Canada and plays a high-energy blend of jungle & dubwise vinyls alongside his own original dubplates. After discovering jungle music on late-night radio, RCola began producing and playing out as a DJ. In 2002, he co-founded the infamous ‘Chopstick Dubplate’ label and began to release vinyls and tour. In 2004, he created his own labels ‘JungleXpeditions’ and ‘Royal Crown’ and to date has released over 20 songs on vinyl and CD and toured throughout Europe 7 times.


As a producer, RCola has worked with Top Cat, Demolition Man, MC Navigator, Bass Nacho, Bigg Triggs, Johnny Osbourne, Junior Reid, Jimmy Riley and Sister Nancy, who all appear on his vinyl and exclusive dubplate productions. 15 European countries have been host to RCola’s soundsystem throwdowns over the last five years, including shows where he has played alongside Ray Keith, Nicky Blackmarket, Digital, Social Security, TeeBee and Remarc in support of his dubwise jungle sound.

In North America, he has shared the stage with Marcus Visionary, The Fix, Subject 13, Top Cat, Danny C, NavigatorMC, Capital J, Freaky Flow & Liondub.