This seven-piece band is real famous in all ex-Yugoslavian states. Based on the hard backbone of Rap music, their style is refined with a Funk/Soul/Jazz fusion injected with a raw power of Rock. Uncompromising lyrical content is delivered in honest, precise and authentic poetry, rounded with a masterful groove. The explosive compressed throughout their albums reaches full mayhem in live gigs, where Elemental actively connects with the audience, committing to a communion with a full feedback.

The group put out 5 studio albums since their conception in 1998. Starting with classical Hip-Hop, after 2 albums they traded their samplers and beat-boxes for some real virtuosos in flesh and blood. This ripened vision of the band set some new standards on the local urban scene and the critics started comparing them to the masters like The Roots, De La Soul, Erykah Badu, Rage Against The Machine and Beastie Boys. Even though their lyrics cut with a sharp social edge, Elemental rise above the vulgar politicizations and address the youth brave enough to improve their own environment.


Success of their endeavour is crowned with numerous musical awards, which represent resurrection of the Croatian scene. Their last two albums were voted albums of the year in category of club music and by public opinion. “Vertigo”, the single from the same-titled album, won the award for the best Croatian video clip. Elemental won the hearts of all audiences and performed hundreds of gigs, culminating in the world-famous Exit festival in Novi Sad and the Taxirat festival in Macedonia, where they ignited more than 15000 ravenous madmen.Today Elemental are: Remi and Shot (MCs), Erol Zejnilović (guitar), Davor Zanoški (keyboard), Konrad Lovrenčić (bass), Ivan Vodopijec (drums) i Nataša Tonković (backing vocals).