Jenna G, British MC from Manchester, started to DJ and performing with bands when she was 14 years old. She formed the band Un-Cut with two other producers back in 2000 which recorded one of the biggest drum’n’bass hits, Midnight. Shortly after she begins working with Goldi and So Solid Crew. At that time she was a host on a very popular radio station BBC 1xtra. Along side her radio carrier she begins to work on her first solo album, “For Lost Friend”, which came out on Zinc’s label Bingo in 2006, that became an instant classic. Every of the 14 songs were made by another producer, like Shy FX, Zinc, Total Science, Commix, Kabuki i Nu:Tone. The biggest hit, the beautiful love song “In Love” was played by world famous DJs: deceased John Peel, Giles Peterson, and d&b leaders like Andy C and Hype making it one of the most recognisable drum’n’bass tune of all times. At the moment Jenna is back at the studio and working on her second solo album “the Break Up” with Zed Bias and Engine-Ears.


Taking advantage of her charisma and talent, Jenna G tried in various fields of creative expression – from radio hosting over singing and MC supporting many DJs and producers, and easily steals the attention of the most prominent names of the genre.