BarabaDUB Sound Kolektiv (Hr)


How many times have you kissed a stranger and lived like birds alongside man?Now that really does it… It is time to get rid of all these illnesses, diseases and plagues, and open your minds for something a bit different… “BarabaDub Sound System is yet another imaginary project of a few enthusiasts, and we are it’s noisiest spokespersons!”


Mighty hip-hop beats interwoven with heavy dub frequencies, floating fx and surreal carousel of verses and choruses in front of your eyes, in your ears, and on your own responsibility… One Woman Army in Dub and Chakka Swrakka come back with even fresher materials, even clearer messages, and even louder soundsystem… they’re coming back and they have never even left yet. Don’t miss the dance of the dock workers in traditional folk costumes, messy from love, amidst this forest… not a chance!