Farout (Hr)


The FarOut is an audio-visual movement and a DJ collective active from 2009. founded and presented by selectors Rea Tas and Theo a.k.a. Fakin Lunatik. Love for the deep vibrations of “CHILL DUB XOTIC ETHNO FUNKADELIC PSYBIENT FUSION”, is present from the beginning of their musical journey and defines the farout style and unique taste of their long-hour DJ sets / live acts.

The FarOut is active in the country and beyond, performing at the clubs (Masters and Muzungu Zagreb, Insomnia and Seasplash Pula, Pussy Galore and Kriterion Sarajevo), and at various festivals (Life Celebration, FISTT ART fest, Future Nature, Seasplash, UWOG, Media Mediterrannea, F.A.K.K. Zadar etc.) FarOut founders are also active in King Shango soundsystem, Croatian veteran reggae act, actively engaged in club and open air events and festivals since 2004.