Soundcheck Regaz (Hr)

sounckeck regaz 2

Soundcheck Regaz band was founded earlier in 2013. and it consists of two members of Dem Crew from Vodnjan (Marino Morosin aka Rinomabeatz & Eric Ušić). Three years after the successful debut Dem-O they’ve made a new demo album under the simple yet interesting name ‘Macchiato and a glass of water’.


This album contains 18 tracks of which some are even in Italian. The whole album is accompanied by chill instrumentals and live performances of young artists Ivan Jović and Kristijan Ljubišić. Alongside them, the album also features non-afirmated young performers Marko Bogović, Ivan Cossara, Sista Julie and Toni Flego. The album is characteristic for its experimental music and socially aware lyrics.

New Live session:

You can stream/download the complete “Macchiato and a glass of water” album at: