Teddy-Lee i Raul (Hr)


Two jolly fellows from Pula who, up to a few years ago, were a vital part of the Seasplash collective, but up to this day remaining in the circle of the festival’s closest associates, thrilling us every now and then with their DJ sets. Both are active DJ’s for quite some time, some of which as members of Dubbasstards when their sets were dubstep dominated, while today they play a wide range of styles, be it dub, hip-hop, breakbeat or something you’d least expect.

Teddy-Lee is also present as the poster designer for events in Seasplash’s organization. For this opportunity they’ve prepared a hip-hop+ set for us, as background for the daytime dance squad performances at the Beachsplash stage on Saturday, 20th of July, from 4 till 8 PM.