Tricky D (Hr/D)


Tricky D, from Pula, is an ambassador of breakbeat since the early 90’s. He is one of Berlin’s first underground junlge DJs and activists. In 1993 he becomes part of the ‘Elektronauten’, the first German live jungle band. In the following years he had many tours, DJ sets, many hours spent in the studio, releasing under different names. In 2001 he opens his own “Tricky Tunes Record Store” in Berlin, specializing in jungle, dnb, reggae and cutting edge breakbeats. In 2002 he visits Jamaica for the second time and, after the first studio sessions, he launches Tricky Tunes record label with his associates, where he would present young vocal talents, developing and growing a network of independent producers.


Active as a DJ, producer, remixer and musician. As a DJ he performed in most European states, as well as in Jamaica, Mexico and Colombia, where alongside DJ sets he also held workshops in the Bogota ghettos. Except on Tricky Tunes label, he also released on Incomming rec, BBE rec., Wikkid Riddim, Dangerous Drumms, One Drop, Jungle X…


His current project, “Los Transatlanticos”, a cumbia fusion with deep bass which he produced with his friends in Bogota, Colombiam, was released in September 2012 on the British label BBE rec. He also just released a second remix EP “First Trip” with remixes by Chris Read, Mr. Bird, Marfix’s, etc… He is always a dear guest of local clubs and festivals, and a part of Seasplash family since the very beginning of the festival. “Spreading the vibe across the place and keep the jungle fire burnin!”