Venom (Hr)


Davor Venom is a club dj and turntablist.

Results from dj competitions:

2000. – finalist on DMC 2000 world dj championchip in London
2002. – 1st place at Lucky Strike “I Choose my DJ” in Zagrebu
2003. – 1st place at DMC ex Yugoslavia in Osijeku
2005. – 1st place at Heineken “Thirst” DJ compettition in Primošten
2009. – finalist at DMC 2009 world dj championchip in London


Through all these years there were many gigs on the regional and european scene mixing all there is to mix. Combining all the musical genres in to one mash up with fast breaks and many songs per set spiced with scratching and beat juggling performances. He is running dj workshop at Center for culture and movies “August Cesarec” in Zagreb for 7 years now where he’s teaching younger generations to modern art of mixing tracks in all possible directions including turntablism (competitive dj-ing) and using turntable as an instrument to create your own sounds and patterns. Currently a member of a Flying Dutchman Jazz band.