Warrior Charge Sound System (I)

warrior charge soundsystem

Warrior charge is Italian dub soundsystem born in 2006. with roots in the anarchist-punk & D.I.Y. community. Its aim is to spread out a positive and rebellious message, cooperate with other sounds, musicians and people that create a better world. Since do it yourself is their „roots and culture“ they have a self built soundsystem with the purpose to give justice to the heavy rythms of dub music.

Warrior charge played number of shows in Italy and abroad, shared the stage with acts such as Jah Shaka, Zion Train, Aba Shanti, Channel One, The Disciples, Inner Terrestrials, Weedeing Dub, Vibronic and brought their red soundsystem to best italian festivals: Zion Station, Festintenda, Heartical Vibes, Dub Gate…