Brat Leeks is active member of drum & bass collective Dirty Beatz from Zagreb, who are existing on local scene from her beginning 2002. Last 6 years he`s been involved in organization of numerous events in Zagreb with many artists representing the scene: Amoss, Mefjus, June Miller, Mindscape, Jade, Jenna G, Furney, Tayla, Big Bud, Brooks Brothers, Bad Copy…as well in Vukovar city for VuBass series.

Last year he completely devoted to production, sound design and finishing study of management in culture, so his work will be released on Dutch based label Break-Fast Audio and Greeks Indigo Movement. He is working on sound design for animators from Zagreb academy. Animated film “Slom” for which he worked on sound, is just showing on Animafest in Zagreb and Annecy in France. As a DJ his debut was at cfsn Nu-comers 2007th and since then he regularly presents his beloved drum&bass sound at various Junglist events.