ABOP is an exciting audio / visual / instrumental band from Zagreb (After is Better than the Party). They are officially formed 5 years ago. As instrumentalists, they are very active in various popular regional acts like: Elemental, Pips, Chips & Videoclips, Kries, Mayales, Sinestet or Pridjevi. ABOP is composed of: Erol (bass), John (drums), Levi (drums), Božanski (samples, synth), Tourett (synth) i Lo Peaks (live mix desk). They will publish their first Ep this April. Production was handled by Ivan Božanić and Erol Zejnilović. Final mastering touch is the work of Petar Dundov, world known techno DJ. With tireless synth work, an array of sound effects, drums and bass you get the winning combo of instrumental play packed in electronic party atmosphere. Consider yourself invited to the one you’ll ever need.

–> facebook.com/abop.zg
–> soundcloud.com/a-b-o-p