Arboretum Kolektiv

arboretum kolektivThe love for drum’n’bass music has taken Arboretum Kolektiv up to 5 years of active work on the scene. In the role of a performer or an organizer of many events, within the association Aboretum or independently, collective found its way to the local, but also regional scene. They are drum’n’bass trio from Pula, which consists of Jinxie Grooves, Chvigy & Mango. By combining all styles of drum’n’bass music as Liquid, Jump Up, Deep, Jungle & Dubwise, Arboretum Kolektiv offers a unique mix of drum’n’bass styles. Arboretum Kolektiv sound is originally established to raise the local scene to a higher level and contributes to global drum’n’bass community. Arboretum Kolektiv is spreading love and good drum’n’bass vibes!