Brada Selecta


Brada Selecta started feeling the vibes around 2005. Since then he has played on numerous shows and all major reggae festivals/events in Croatia, Slovenia & Bosnia, as a member of King Shango Soundsystem.

He’s style goes from roots reggae, dancehall to soca, african bongo flava and all similar genres. Brada is also involved in remixing, production and recording for King Shango Sound in Metamusic Studio( ”Metamedij” Association), and also for young Croatian reggae artists like 2Steppaz, Big Oz, Nina Davis & Stinky Ranks. In 2010. Brada has started a radio show called Pulap Reggae Station on the national Radio Pula rolling every sunday at 21,00, alongside Shugaman and 2Steppaz duo. The latest mixtape of Brada Selecta is ”Dancehall Vibes”, and you can check it at mixcloud.