Funk Guru


Funk Guru is a member of Confusion (CFSN) crew, organisers of premiere club & video events in Zagreb (Illectricty Festival, CFSN Sundays, Masken’bass, Illectric Funk, Videoskop…). Started DJ-ing at the age of 15, spent most of his DJ career spinning drum & bass but at the emergence of dubstep in 2004 his focus shifted to this new and exciting sound. Today his sets feature complete spectrum of electronic music, from drone works of Oneohtrix Point Never and FlyLo’s abstract beats, new wave techno from Shed and Martyn’s post dubstep sounds to deep beats of Om Unit and Chicago’s juke sounds by the Teklife crew. Always on the edge, but firmly rooted in deep basslines and dancefloor grooves, his sets are never predictable but always enjoyable.