An awkward trio that came from different backgrounds, musical roots and routes, originated in the dark chambers of the legendary Club Palach in Rijeka, whose joint journey started back in 2012. Driven by the lack of music offer as far as the music they loved in the city on river Riječina, they decided to take matters into their own hands and start Dub Session in Palach. Since then they extended their range of effect to clubs and events all over the Croatia and have played in the Masters club, Attack, Chaka’s and Grey Room in AKC Medika, in abandoned factory Hartera, club Epic in Osijek, Zerostrasse in Pula, Channel Zero in Ljubljana and festivals such as Seasplah, Arboretum, Lost Theory and Bass Matters Dub Camp.

On the way they could not avoid beeing kidnaped by the bass frequencies and started jeopardizing their own existence by buying vinyl plates and visiting dub gatherings. Accompanied by constant problems with the equipment, they have evolved into skilled craftsmen at last minute preparations, so at their performances you can usually hear the powerful, unprepared, but again very harmonious dub selection that ranges from hard roots and prevails as the more obscure, harder and digital future dub that opens horizons and breaks all prejudices and barriers in people. They are dedicated enthusiasts, finely calibrated by internal waves of sound, with a rich experience of visiting only the places where bass impacts and the walls are broken.

They are absorbing knowledge and planning to soon create a sound system that will be anything and everything but ordinary! The consequences remain permanent and today we can see how they create and organicly develop the selection each with it’s own vision. When Low Frequency is on stage Luka, Vanja and Sven do not exist, there is a only selection of roots, digital dub, psychedelic steppa with occasional trips to heavy psychedelia.

It is the fusion of people and genres, but always faithful to dub and mr. bass allmighty. On their way they encountered various challenges and wonderful people, and shared stages and control towers with them. Some of them are: Balkan Dub Defenders – Digitron SSY, Bass Matters SSY, Botza SSY, Munchies SSY, Warrior Charge SSY, Shimana SSY, Gamma Sound, Thunder Of Jah Army SSY, Dubble Dub, Dub Fi Youth, Dub Eye, Slavonija Vibes Syndicate, High Grade Commanda, Injham, Egoless, Zenicafaria, Zentash Gigawatt Dubz, Bass-ul-Ulema, Arboretum Kolektiv, Refugee LO-FI, Homegrown Sound, Poppy (R Rootz), Trip to Zion.