Slavonija Vibes Syndicate

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Slavonija Vibes Syndicate united a few dub and reggae sound lovers from different collectives in the heart and center of Slavonija in Croatia – Brlog Predstavlja, Glechudesa Massive and Revolt DJ*s. Their story begins on Seasplash Festival, where they all actually met and recognized huge and mutual love for dub and reggae melodies and sounds. The idea, which combined them in one collective of dub and reggae selectors, is to present and to promote that culture and music to people living and attending parties in Slavonija. At this moment the collective counts four members from different parts in central and eastern parts of the country.

Dubar Sound aka Draško is a member of the most enduring hip hop organization in Slavonski Brod called Brlog Predstavlja. For some time now, he has been doing his own production of dub music and also collaborates with other dub producers and MCs in the region – expect only high-quality dub!

Vedran aka Weedran is a photographer from Đakovo for and a member of an Glechudesa Massive collective which has been organizing the first series of drum’n’bass parties in Osijek with Zion Train as the highest peak of one of their parties.

Mefa is a vinyl and CD collector, the brain of an „Prtenjak za Zion“ music program where you could hear dub, reggae, ragga and jungle sound. He is also a member of a Revolt DJ*s collective and part of a „Reggae Utorak u Mastersu“ story where he emits only good vibrations and melodies through space.

HerYa became a part of the SVS story after good collaboration with Mefa on „Reggae Utorak u Mastersu“ program where they colored the space of Masters Club in reggae colors. He is also a collector of reggae music and heavy dub somewhere across the fields in Popovača.

The story of SVS collective continues to expand with the arrival of two brothers, Nikola and Luka, who are mostly focused on constructing a sound system. For the last 4 years, this collective has been telling their story on the scene, mostly in dub sessions in Big Ben, Epic and Exit in Osijek, different clubs in Vinkovci and Đakovo, Masters, Močvara and Medika in Zagreb, Hartera in Rijeka and festivals like ARLA Festival (Đakovo), Dirty Old Festival, Seasplash Festival, Lost Theory, Tides of Youth, Reunited and Regeneracija. They had the honor to share the stage with some really big names in dub such as Egoless, Riddim Tuffa, Bamwise, Dubble, Antenat, Brain Damage and Warrior Charge and to spin that vinyls on Digitron Soundsytem, Boca Soundsystem, Warrior Charge Soundsytem, Munchies Soundsystem, Barabadub Soundsystem, Bass Matters Soundsystem and Shimana Soundsystem. They collaborated with many other collectives and selectors: Homegrown sound, Dubeye, Low Frequency, Natty Riddim, Bass-Ul-ulema, Zentash Giggawat, Zenicafaria and HighGrade Commanda. In the near future, expect Slavonija Vibes Syndicate dubplates in Dubar Sound production!