Digitron Sound

Digitron Sound System – Balkan dub defenders, pioneers of dub sound from Croatia, began their work in 2007. Two members from different reggae dub bands (Radikal Dub Kolektiv and Bamwise) founded this collective. Guided by the creative force, their intention was to make the first Croatian sound system, since there was nothing of this kind in the country. Music-wise, their sound is closest to the UK sound of digital dub, influenced by different musical directions, from electronic music to more organic.

They are the usual suspects on Croatian and European underground scene, found on festivals, in clubs, autonomous zones etc… In 2016 they did two releases – one is named Dub Swap! and it’s a split with Brainless Sound, released at ODGPROD label, and the second one is Hail Up! with Dan I. done in co-operation between their Digtron Records and Lions Den.