One Dread

One Dread is a roots-reggae-dancehall cover band from Zagreb, Croatia. Three lead vocal singers – Tena, Nika and Tea compose the TNT vocal section whilst the strong and mighty rhythm section is consisted of Jah Knez pon di bass, and Cimi pon di drums, also with Ras Mirko on the keyboards and Bruder Goran on the guitar, jamming on that thin line between roots rock reggae and similar genres. One Dread stirs your imagination and provides an “out-of-this-world” reggae experience. The band has a long history of playing inside Croatia and outside of it, mostly EU. They’ve played on large festivals and open concerts and in small, intimate pubs and clubs. Their covers are colored with character and attitude, and every gig the they play, they make you want to move your dancing feet, listening to timeless hits of Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Third World, Inner Circle, Musical Youth, Alborosie, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and many others. The band counts 7 members who breathe and sound like one. If you still haven’t heard about One Dread, this is your opportunity to change that.