Navigator MC

Navigator MC

With over thirty years of musical experience, Navigator MC is a one of a handful of people from the 80s who successfully made the transition from being a UK reggae soundboy into a jungle artist in the early 90s. A man who is a whirlwind of energy on stage that can command even the biggest crowds with his trademark brand of conscious raggamuffin lyrics, showing his mastery of street language, tone, projection and delivery with a compelling discipline and a combination of enthusiastic energy, wisdom and friendly warmth that keeps the dancehall under heavy manners.
As a veteran of the global Jungle movement his journey connects its roots to the past, present and future of UK soundsystem culture, from Fatman Hifi, Unity Hi Power and Kool FM to Roast, Jungle Fever, Meditation & Jungle Warriors (Germany), Stush, AWOL, Jungle Mania, One In The Jungle on Radio 1, also starring in the historic documentary ‘A London Some’ting Dis’ and working with bands like D*Note, Asian Dub Foundation, Freestylers, Rawhill Cru, Visionary Underground and Qemists, up to the current party project Bass Bullies with Alaska MC, set to bring more heat to the streets worldwide.

Navigator is not afraid to experiment and innovate, adding his voice and identity to a variety of genres from producers around the globe, the mic master with the midas touch, from Manchester to Mannheim, Birmingham to Berlin, round the world and back again.

Navi’s message: “Achievement doesn’t come for free, you have to RELENTLESSLY put the work in, and when you have achieved your goal it just opens up new desire; therefore the work is never done!”

Navigator MC performs with Filip Motovunski this year at 16th Seasplash Festival!

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