Jah Free


For more than three decades, Jah Free’s music is full of heavy bass, exciting and impossible to label! With a clear vision of the modern­day Babylon, he offers love and incites the active vibrations at the centers of interpersonal solidarity: all the way from the squats and clubs, along the protest marches to the grand celebrations of the festivals. The neverending list of his collaborators is truly amazing, these are the people with whom he created some of the most sincere roots & dub mantras of today: Mad Professor, Zion Train, Vibronics, Iration Steppas, Bush Chemists, Devon Russell, Wayne Mcarthur…


Along the British legends, we are bound to mention Dandelion Sound, Br Stylers, King Shiloh, Kibish Tribe, also Croatia’s own Radikal Dub Kolektiv! This inexaustible explorer of sound always brings some fresh material to the Seasplash festival, which is enjoyed by the dancers’ minds and bodies alike. His powerful message is multiplied by the shared vibrations of the people and is more relevant than ever before!