Authentic, immediate, radiant. Aklea Neon, songwriter and traveling musician from Osijek, Croatia, channels her afro-soul ethno-beat harmony with her whole body – foot on the pedal looper, hand on the guitar and MIDI controller with voice that resonates to the scalp. With her magnetic presences her performances flash by and remain in our hips for days. She is the author of YouTube Niš spešl sešn, and in her spare time she is a woman gazelle. She has already sung her #vibratehigher setlist in Osijek, Zagreb, Karlovac, Pula and Belgrade, always packed and ready to move on, expanding circles, tapping and encouraging. The beat and beat beat ferry from Osijek has only three singles and already Rock & Offawards nominations, and will be presented to the general public at Dora 2020, the contest for the Croatian represenative at the Eurovision Song Contest.