Widely accepted as one of the most standout drum & bass producers to come to prominence in recent times, Billain is a master of auditory innovation and has rightfully earned himself his reputation as a well-respected influence on the genre. Billain has received support from some of the biggest names in drum & bass claiming releases on Critical Music, Invisible, Eatbrain and Bad Taste to name only a handful.
The signature Billain sound is rooted in early influences like The Prodigy and Aphex Twin. After learning the details of production by making hip hop and techno, drum & bass became the preferred medium for his musical ability. Aside from a myriad of musical endeavors, BILLAIN has done extensive sound design work for major projects including the films Hunter Killer and Pacific Rim Uprising. . He also employs his diverse skill set for HYPERBINARY, a sophisticated audiovisual project that includes the Terminal virtual reality music channel — the very first of its kind.
His Debut Album “Nomad’s Revenge” is nominated for the “Best album of the year” in British DnB Awards, featuring a short film released with the album with actors, animators that had worked on “Blade Runner”, and guests MC’s of highest caliber such as Orifice Vulgatron from Foreign Beggars. Billain’s work has been supported by Noisia, Amon Tobin, Chris Cunningham, Teebee, Glitchmob and MrBill to name a few. Billain’s next plans involve releasing the cluster of 7 albums intertwined with story narrative that has been unlocked by the debut album.