Digitron Sound System – the most famous sound system in the region and the first sound system in Croatia! For a reason they are called the dub pioneers – they celebrate their 10th birthday last year. Founded by a member of Radikal Dub Kolektiv – at that time the only live dub act in Croatia – Tomislav Vrkljan, known as Vrki, started the story of Digitron with a help from friends of a scene that was then just in the beginnings.

Throughout the following years, Digitron grows and becomes ubiquitous and well-known in the Croatian independent music scene, known for its fierce sound coming out of hand-made sound boxes, and a mix of different musical directions – from electronics to organic dub music dominated by UK digital dub. Along with Vrki, an active member of the collective for the last few years is the talented Andrija Santro who plays in the role of MC and melodica player. The message that Digitrons promote through their performances is that of a different view of the world, outside the frameworks imposed by the capitalist system.