He discovered dub music in 2005 and starts producing two years later. From 2007 to 2011, he releases three demos, and in 2017 he releases the EP “From town to town, From dub to dub”, announcing a new chapter in his work. Shortly after, another EP called “When You Fall in Dub / Bass Becomes Obsession” (2018) followed by “Dub in Chest”, released in early 2019. In mid-2019, the song “Don’t waste your time” is released on “Don’t test the warriors“ EP which was released in collaboration with Dr. Obi on the Amplifyah Music label and appeared shortly afterward as the first 10-inch vinyl release on Warrior Charge Records. In collaboration with Homegrown Sound from Zagreb releases the “Wild Berries” song, that was released on vinyl in early 2020 on the Homegrown Sound label, and the song “Life line dub” is released on the well-known “Woodland Records” label in April. Dubar Sound is working on production every day so that from session to session you will always have a chance to hear some new tape from his kitchen.