Ever since his demo release in 2006, “Jea…mixhejt”, it’s been obvious that Kandžija is an exquisite MC and lyricist, with unique style and humor. With his first official release, album Narodnjaci and hit single “Jelena”, he reached mainstream recognition. From 2012 until 2015 he released “Koktel od Rakije” in 2011, followed by a 2012 release “Zlatne Žbice” with Toxara, his hype man and second MC in the band, in 2014 he released two records – “Dvojezična Ploča” with Belgrade rapper Bvana and a live record called “Folder s Golim Ženama (Folder with Naked Women)”, and in 2015 “Nema Labavo”, with three singles Crkva, Mače i Đuro. The record was highly acclaimed among critics and it managed to reach top of all regional charts.

His new album “Plafon” (2019) has achieved remarkable listening results in less than a month, accompanied by strong hype on social networks. Kandžija’s return to studio work with Gole Žene after four years, since the album „Nema labavo“ (2015), when they were literally tearing up the domestic hip hop scene with performances and were one of the few who combined rap lyrics with the groove of a live band. Judging by the online reactions and music critics, this is not only one of the best albums of the year, but also generally the strongest Kandžija releases in his career.