Kodin is one of the oldest Croatian drum & bass producers and DJs. He released first Croatian drum & bass vinyl, „Girl In A Delirium“ on British Ascenzion Records in the year 2007. Kodin music can be found in mixes of domestic and foreign DJs. He is one of the organizers of first croatian drum & bass conference “DNBKonferencija”. Kodin performed at various events in Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Czech Republic and festivals like Outlook, Broken Balkanz and biggest drum & bass festival in the world Let It Roll. Kodin is a member of industrial metal band Mass Hypnosis from Zagreb and techno producer/DJ under the alias “The Recorder“. Kodin also runs a mastering service “TRS” for 7+ years in his private studio for various labels and genres of music. He releases for Eatbrain, C4C Rec, Bad Taste Rec, Red Light Rec, Close 2 Death Rec, Delta9 Rec, Mindtech Rec, Deep, Dark & Dangerous, Macabre Unit Digital, Break Fast Audio, Santoku Rec, Subculture Music, Untied, Overtech Music, Ascenzion Records. At the end of 2019 he released “Mouth” on Eatbrain, a collaboration with Australian producer Tide, and was futured on Noisia Radio. This year started with release of the track “Mine” on Delta9 Recordings. In 2020 new tracks, releases and collabs are in progress so stay tuned or follow me on Instagram for latest info.