LucyLyu, a Zagreb producer / DJ and versatile admirer of bass depths and weirdly fun sounds who doesn’t go into the full range of sonic spheres the human brain has offered us so far. Through his sets, he displays a bundle of electronic sounds (largely inspired by D&B, jungle, footwork, beats, world breaks / scenes and all their derivatives) carefully woven and fused into a single, danceable whole. For the first time in he stands at the mixer in KSET club from where his DJ tours start, which have taken him so far through many local clubs (Sirup, Masters, Medika, Pavement, Church…), festivals (Seasplash, Reunited…) and cities. With friends he starts the program Subtilno, an evening dedicated to his favorite bass sound in all forms and different time frames, while in those slower areas with his audio colleagues he is a part ofthe Bunar collective.