Sista Salute is a new project from Croatia founded by two music lovers, friends and dance buddies Omega Blondie and Aklea Neon. Joined in their love for soundsystem culture they are on a mission to bring uplifting roots and steppers tunes to the table.

Omega Blondie is on the local scene for the last 10 years and she is one of the founders of “Muzika Miliona” project, that organized parties orientated in oriental house, psy dub, glitch, trance, afro, reggae and dub genres.Her musical style could be described as “reggae meets disco”. She loves vocals in her selection, from disco queen Grace Jones to Black Omolo. She is also fascinated by king of afrobeat Fela Kuti, dub veterans Blackboard Jungle Soundsystem and her favourite dub artist Mad Professor. Omega Blondie will surprise you with her dynamic selection of tunes!

Singer-songwriter Aklea Neon is a young Croatian fairy of rhyme and beat as media named her. She just dropped her first reggae single “What I want”. Her contagious afro sound and melodic vocals with mantric ethno beats put her in the spotlight as one of the brightest aspiring artists of the year in her homeland. She says:”At singer songwriter scene women are already quite powerful but not as many girls decide to pick up the mic in sound system culture and when you need to say something, the best is to say it loud. Sound system has got all the decibels needed!”