Zion Train – ‘UK Dub Pioneers’, old acquaintances, friends and family with whom the collaboration has been around from the beginning, return to the Seasplash Festival after seven years since their last appearance, with their new studio album “Illuminate”.

This release represents the first original Zion Train album in five years and features nine vocalists alongside extremely talented musicians. Vocalists include Cara, Michel Grena Prince Jamo, and Rider Shafique whilst amongst the musicians are such luminaries as Paolo Baldini, Don Fe, and Gianni Denitto. Zion Train are working alongside the Stop Ecocide and Extinction Rebellion campaigns with the release of this music to help attempts to build a brighter future for our planet – to this end we are reprinting the Leap Manifesto authored by Naomi Klein and friends with this release. The release is scheduled for May 1st.

One of the most unique and enjoyable live dub acts on the planet, their use of dynamic onstage dub mixing whilst performing alongside acoustic instruments and exceptional vocalists, make Zion Train one of a kind.The band was formed in Oxford in 1988. First singles like “Power One” and “Power Two” in the early ’90s immediately became hits on the English dub top charts. Other achievements include the Jamaican Reggae Grammy for Best Dub Album with “Live as One” released in 2007 and joined by Earl 16, Tippa Irie, Dubdadda, YT, Marlene Johnson, Raiz and Lua, and over 2800 performances including festivals such as Glastonbury, Wicker Man Festival in the UK, Reggae Geel in Belgium, Rototom Sunsplash in Italy and Reggae Sun Ska in France. Zion Train’s founder, Neil Perch, also owns the Universal Egg record label founded in 1999 that specializes in dub, electronic and worldwide dance music.