Kali Fat Dub

Adventurers songwriters, verbal painters bewitched by the postpocalytic vision of the present. Their traces and prints can be found all over the world, from Zion Crew, Golem, FOB, Ufoslawians, JOKE, BeachSplash, Medika, Masters, to Sirup, Wintersplash and some distant and still uncertain future.

After two albums ‘Ringišpil iz Hada’ & ‘Nakot Azrielov’, dozens of festivals, hundreds of gigs and several thousand kilometers behind and in front of them, KORONKA arrived and stopped the world! Locked in houses and separated from everything, to which all living people get used very quickly, they dedicated themselves to the third album, which they will proudly parade under the name “Životinjska Karma”. They are coming to the Seasplash Festival to present a new release.