Musically wildest member of a former Croatian well-known and unforgettable TripToZion Collective, also a keyboardist of the first lineup of the band Bamwise, finds catharsis in the safety of repetitive rhythms of that electronic music which escapes clear deciphering of the genre. By manipulating the syncing of complex electronic rhythms while mixing, Maya opens up unique dimensions of visions and exalted emotional landscapes, all growing out of deeper and darker musical spaces.

After a long period of DJ-ing steppers and proper dubstep [ Outlook, Seasplash, InMusic, AboutBlank, Močvara, Jedinstvo, Masters, Sirup, GreyRoom, Attack, Chakka’s Room… ] by which she inspired today’s generation of dubstep culture, as well as after the period of frequent obscure and psychedelic all-nighters not strictly limited to genre, today she prefers electronic music whose production is marked by progressive sound picture characterized by slower, industrial and darker sound. She also inclines to the new Italo Disco and Synthwave production.

Following her first techno DJ performance @ DasHaus in 2015, Maya forms Darksided nights @ Masters Club, which she put into hibernation for moving to Berlin. Unbearably deprived of dance floors in the midst of EVILockdowns she returns to DJ-ing.