Aklea Neon

Osijek’s rhyme and beat fairy Aklea Neon performs for the first time at the Seasplash Festival with Sound Doulas All Girl Bend, which is made of: Ivna Ji (Samplers, Rhythm Machines), Helena “Hena” Ernoic (bass) and Ana Kelemen (drums). The girls will perform songs from their debut “Dođi to Joji”.

“That’s my XL sonic hug”; says Aklea  about her album and we trust her. Girls are assuring that they will  demolish the sound totally, but softly and easy in the real electro afro-soul style.

This travellin’ artist gallops in all directions and a prof for that are two music awards, and solid amount of live performances from Monte Negro to Berlin (Goulash Disco Fest, Ferragosto Cave, Tedx, UFO, Tantra Spirit Fest ….) and all the way to Martinska.