Baraba Dub

Baraba Dub Sound Collective are nostalgic sentimentalists / who couldn’t make up their minds with the sale of old Digitron boxes (the first Croatian sound system) and have built an imaginary collective around them, an unrecognizable sound, a distinctive style that successfully fuses Pestarzt and Kali Fat Dub, Warrior Charge and Haris Pilton’s new material. They have been on the route Zagreb-Sombor-Pula-Sibenik for several years. It is made by many external and internal associates, and this time, only for you, from the depths of Zagorje in the north, the Viennese forest in the west, the deep and murky Danube in the east and who knows what not in the south …
They are coming. They are coming. Their cool, hot hands carry slaps so save your cheeks.
Superoperator: Dino (Prancing D.) Spokesperson: KaliBal Chale Chakka
We play old stuff too!