Bebetto or Boris Bjelica is based in Pula. He is a DJ, producer, cultural worker and he has been active in music scene since 80’s when he played in seveal bands and started with his first DJ sets while pursuing his other passion about writing about music in fanzines and newspapers. He survived 90’s through jungle, drum’n’bass and dub sets with organizing various parties and festivals with his instalement on Pula’s radio station Maestral. By the end of decade he develops his DJ style around deep/tech/progressive electro. With the beginning of new millenium, more projects are present in his life with organization of famous MTV Valkana Beach Festival, he delivers parties in Rovinj’s Monvi Center and he pursues his radio career on HRT Radio Pula. Then, he becomes a part of Seasplash Platform. Last several years, he could be seen in Klub Koač, but today his basis is musical editoring on communal Radio Rojc. He is still actve as DJ, and curretn sets are a combo of all aforementioned genres plus some influences from dunb, funk and chill because fusion was and always will be Bebbeto’s musical philopshy.