Ingoa is a sound-visual and social-critical performance with an emphasis on original music, enriched with visualizations, dance inserts and theatrical-circus moments. The music is the work of three familiar faces of the local music underground. Stylistically, it is difficult to define, although the width and experience gained in various ensembles in which they (acted) is quite noticeable. This is a mixture of three musicians from different subgenres of alternative background. Proven methods of mixing rock, metal, punk, reggae, oak, … are enriched with sound-technical accessories, effects, processors and additional instruments. The vocal spectrum is taken over by samples and / or speeches that also quite clearly outline the theme of each song. The themes of the songs come from current socio-political events such as the migrant crisis, global warming, the related impact of the food industry, emotional intelligence, social injustice, racial, gender, age discrimination. We salute their political approach with thoughts of joy about their performance